Professional technical staff


Hwang, Wen-Ying

Chairman of AnnJi Pharmaceutical

Expertise: New drug translation and drug development, focusing on pre-clinical research of drugs for skin and neurological diseases

Wen, Guo-Lan

Strategy director of GenomeFrontier Therapeutics

Expertise: Biological drug development, PIC/S GMP.

Liu, Zu-Hui

Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan
Director of Biotechnology, Health, Medicine and Agriculture Division

Expertise: Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry research, marketing analysis, strategic planning.

Xiao, Mei-Ling

President of Taiwan Society of Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products

Expertise: Pharmaceutical administration.

Gu, Man-Qin

顧德consulting co. General manager

Expertise: Clinical new drug development, clinical verification execution, new drug review.

Yang, Zhi-Ping

Chief Executive Officer of Tai Yao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Expertise: Medicinal chemistry, new drug development, drug manufacturing and marketing.

Li, Jian-Li

Director of Pharmacy Department, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

Expertise: Drug epidemiology, science and technology law, pharmaceutical care, population pharmacokinetics

Huang, Jian-Ming

Director of the Department of Pharmacy, Zhenxing Hospital

Expertise: Pharmaceutical management, Microbiology

Xu, Pai-Zhou

Director of Pharmacy Department of Hexin Hospital

Expertise: Clinical Pharmacy

Sun, Shu-Hui

Director of Pharmacy Department of Yadong Memorial Hospital

Expertise: Pharmaceutical management, clinical pharmacy, teaching and education, pharmacy/research ethics

Assistant professors

Chang, Hong-Chuan

Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs Management, Department of Pharmacy, Zhenxing Hospital

Expertise: Clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care services, drug evaluation immunology analysis and pharmaceutical administration, immunology


Tsuang, Kuan-Yeh

head of Hello Pharmacy

Expertise: Drug epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical care

Pan, Mei-Bei

Head of Youlin Pharmacy

Expertise: Community pharmacy, long-term pharmaceutical care

Liu, Zhao-Hong

Pharmacist, Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Expertise: Clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, drug blood concentration monitoring, hospital management, drug procurement and supply